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Objectives of the Association as set out 28th May 1956

  • To support and protect the character, status and interests of the Members of that section of the Optical Trade which is engaged in the dispensing of optical prescriptions and the manufacture and fitting of spectacles, and to protect them from influences inimical to their well-being and prosperity.
  • To raise the status and standard of skill and knowledge of dispensing opticians and to ensure to the public a continuous and adequate supply of trained and competent persons to carry out the dispensing of optical prescriptions and the manufacture and fitting of spectacles.
  • To establish and support or aid in the establishment and support of a training institute, and to inaugurate and support schemes for the instruction and education of the Members of the Association and others in the theory and ractice of all branches of Optical Dispensing, and to establish a Board of Examiners for the purpose of granting certificates of qualification.
  • To grant diplomas, testimonials, certificates of qualification, and prizes, with or without examination, to persons demonstrating their ability and fitness to manufacture and fit spectacles and accurately to dispense optical prescriptions.
  • To keep registers or records of Members desiring employment and of employers having vacancies, and generally to establish an efficient Employment Bureau.
  • To obtain any Provisional Order or Act of the Oireachtas for enabling the Association to carry any of its objects into effect, or for effecting any modification of the Association's constitution, or for any other purpose which may seem expedient, and to oppose any proceedings or applications which may seem calculated directly or indirectly to prejudice the interests of the Association.
  • To enter into any arrangements with any authorities (supreme, municipal, local or otherwise) that may seem conducive to the interests of the Association or any of them, and to obtain from them any such authority any rights, privileges, and concessions which the Association may think it desirable to obtain, and to carry out; exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.
  • To adopt such means of making known the work and products of the Members of the Association as may seem expedient and in particular by advertising in the Press, by circulars and by the publication of books and articles.
  • To provide for the delivery and holding of lectures, exhibitions, public meetings, classes and conferences, calculated directly or indirectly to educate the Members of the Association.
  • To give the legislature and public bodies and others facilities of conferring with and ascertaining the views of persons engaged in Optical Dispensing as regards matters directly or indirectly affecting that business.
  • To encourage the discovery of and investigate and make known the nature and merits of inventions or methods which may seem capable or desirable of being used by persons engaged in Optical Dispensing.
  • To increase and further by every legitimate means the influence, status and trade of Members of the Association.

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