About IADO
Our Role

  • To interpret the prescription from the Optometrist/ Ophthalmologist into an accurate appliance.
  • The prescription is duly analysed and the lens type decided upon, depending on the lifestyle of the patient, e.g single vision, bifocals, multifocals, tinted lenses, safety lenses, occupational lenses.
  • Advice on coatings on lenses to protect against ultra violet light, glare and sunlight.
  • Advice on frame style.
  • Measurement on suitable frame choice.
  • Advice is given on the likely appearance of the finished spectacles, e.g. thickness and weight of the frame and lenses.
  • To measure for custom made frames.
  • To modify spectacle frames to ensure optimum fit.
  • To check spectacles on completion to ensure correct to prescription ordered.
  • To check fitting of completed spectacles on patient at time of collection.
  • To advise on the care of spectacles.
  • To advise parents /guardians on care of their children's spectacles and fitting.
  • To advise parents/guardians to note changes in growth of children that may affect fitting of spectacles.
  • After collection available to carry out adjustments or repairs if necessary.
  • Advice is given on prescription sun spectacles, contact lenses safety, magnifiers as low visual aids and other optical aids.
  • To carry out aftercare on contact lens wearing patients.
  • To carry on aftercare with low visual aid patients and their appliances.

The majority of Dispensing Opticians have completed a three year blended course from UK Institutions, along with the direct supervision of a qualified and registered optician which occurs whilst working in practice. Attendance at block release courses is required at the relevant colleges. As well as passing theory and practical examinations, a Dispensing Optician, must submit a portfolio of case records, before been deemed as qualified by their college and register with the General Optical Council which CORU recognises for registration in Ireland. Afterwards as qualified Dispensing Opticians they are required to complete Continuous Professional Development as part of their membership of the I.A.D.O.

Optical Registration Board

The Optical Registration Board at CORU was appointed by the Minister for Health in February 2015.

The Optical Registration Board is responsible for:

• establishing and maintaining the Registers of optometrists and dispensing opticians

• recognising qualifications gained outside the State
• approving and monitoring education and training programmes for entry to the register
• setting the code of professional conduct and ethics

If you have any queries on how to register with CORU, please email them directly on info@coru.ie

To work in Ireland as a Dispensing Opticians registration with CORU is compulsory - Full detail here http://www.coru.ie/en/registration/apply_to_register

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