Benefits of membership

Negotiating on your behalf:

The committee have represented the IADO in talks with the Department of Health re CORU and Financial Emergency Measures in Public Interest 2009 (FEMPI 2009). CORU is Ireland's first multi-profession Health Regulator and Dispensing Opticians will be included in this register and The Opticians Board will be replaced by CORU under the Health and Social Care Providers Act 2005.
The committee have also been present at talks with DIT with regard to the possibility of a new dispensing course.

Personal Indemnity Insurance:

IADO has secured a policy with AIC insurance for IADO members only. Any dispensing optician with a contract with the Department of Social and Family Affairs or the Health Boards must have professional indemnity insurance as part of their contract. Many of our members are employed by one of the multiple groups and are unsure if they are covered. Some employees seem to be under the impression that they are covered under their employers insurance. We would advise all members to clarify their current status as regards professional indemnity. We live in litigious times. Do not assume you are covered.

For more information please contact Terry Duffy at Glennon AIC on 01-6191101

Text Message Service:

All members will be texted about job opportunities and IADO events. If you have a job vacancy or are looking for work, just contact with the details.


Each member will be given a username and password for this site and they can edit their own profile. If you would like an advertisement for situations vacant/wanted please contact Members of the public can access Opticians details if they are looking for the contact details of a Dispensing Optician. The website gives us an opportunity to advise the public on the role of the Dispensing Optician.


Being a member of the IADO gives us all an opportunity to meet other Dispensing Opticians through the Association's events, starting new friendships and professional connections. Please feel free to contact a member of the committee for any queries.

CPD Events:
The IADO will provide enough CPD events to ensure that members can gain enough CPD points to gain the CPD requirement for membership.

Inclusive organisation:
The AGM gives you a chance to give your ideas of how you would like your Association to be organised. As we are a small organisation the AGM is quite informal and everyone is made to feel welcome and given the opportunity to speak.

DO required in Northside Dublin

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CPD + Training

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How to become an IADO member
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